A whisper of spring time

I love this time of year, a delicate, almost imperceptible shift takes place. That which has lain sleeping beneath the earth starts to emerge as the first shoots of spring. Soon delicate snowdrops and bright daffodils will line forests paths and urban roundabouts and verges. It is at this time that the Celtic people would celebrate Imbolc. This time of year was also known as “the hungry gap” as supplies from the harvest would begin to be in short supply.

The darkness of the early part of the year feels heavier to me because of the endless seeming lockdown, it is unclear to me at the moment how and when we will emerge. Spring shoots seem even more precious as a result and make me wonder what bright embers we can find in our own minds and hearts to give gentle attention to at this time?

I would love to invite you all to join us in the forest in May when our inner fires have been kindled and we can once again meet together and celebrate. Reserve your place as part of this unique experience of immersive theatre by following this link: http://whispering-wood-folk.co.uk/tickets/