About Us

Whispering Woods create site specific performances in ancient woodland bringing ancient tales to life using circus acrobatics, live music and narrative to weave a transporting journey for the audience amongst the trees. Strong visuals, a dynamic pace and a hint of “faereality” make this a fabulous experience for all ages.

Nina Bambrey began the company in 2010 a few months after the birth of her son Sebastian and was soon joined by a fabulous team of riggers, aerialists, musicians and storytellers whose combined talents have allowed us to create unique performances.

The starting point for the shows was a strong narrative base. This has served the group well while they learned the ropes however Nina’s vision has always been to create epic, strongly visual work which can be enjoyed by audiences across the globe. This has been influenced by her background creating ritual performances with Beltane fire society and large scale site specific work. Whispering Woods have done some recent work with award winning director Firenza Guidi who’s strong visual style is helping them to make this transition. The company are learning to tell the story more fully using their physicality and through Ailsa Mair Hughes incredible musical soundscape as well as with words.

The crew are passionate about creating work which can truly be enjoyed across the age range, raw and thrilling, humorous and sweet. It will captivate, transport and delight.